The tales of a half-Spanish, Southern guy with Yorkshire roots living in Bolton and looking for some half-decent grub

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It's Grim Up North is a blog by food lovers and for food lovers. 

It started off in 2010 as 'The Northern Review' and, after a hiatus, has grown ever since its return in 2014.  

The blog was mine and my wife's idea to get us trying new restaurants and food types rather than sticking to the same places time and again.  Although we do have our favourite establishments, trying new food is what excites us most.

Nowadays, we love recommendations from friends, family and our readers.  What you read on this site will be our recommendations to you to try out places that we loved.  

If you have somewhere to recommend, then let us know!

As well as the blog we have email, a Facebook page and you can always catch us on Twitter.

If you would like us to try out a product, test your new menu, attend a restaurant or event launch or just recommend somewhere new, then please get in touch!



Twitter: @grimupnorthfood


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