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Sunday 25 May 2014

Ramsbottom Wartime Weekend by Hannah

A Lancashire family go on holiday to Benidorm and order some food at a restaurant. The father, thinking his pie is lacking in gravy, calls the waiter over and asks " 'ast tha Bisto fort pah?" The waiter says in a southern English accent, "I'm sorry, mate, I don't speak Spanish..."

As the wife of a Southerner/Spaniard, we get crossed wires like this every now and again. In order to culturally integrate my husband into the North I like to take him on a drive out and see what there is going on in the area with the promise of good food at the end of it (Hearth of the Ram Review).

As with most summer bank holidays it was guaranteed to rain. After a small amount of grumbling and ordering the husband to change his shoes, I whipped out the anoraks and we headed off on our adventures. There is always something special going on hidden in the towns and villages of the North come rain or shine.

It has been particularly rainy today but that didn't put us off travelling back in time for Ramsbottom's 'Wartime Weekend'.

I love it when local towns do something out of the ordinary and this was no exception. The people and businesses of Ramsbottom really make an effort and transform the little town into a historical extravaganza by dressing up and offering a trip down memory lane. When we arrived there was even a 1940s themed wedding going on!

This is the 16th time the event has been held and has always been very successful. It is not only about dressing up but offering an insight into life during the war. With period memorabilia lining shop windows, short films and posters, wartime recipes and vintage clothing stalls, this annual event is worth putting in your calendar.

The event offers some amazing photo opportunities and I've added a small gallery to give you a flavour of what is on offer. 

Tomorrow is the last day if you want to get in your time machine (or car) and see for yourself.

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