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Tuesday 15 July 2014

All Star Lanes, Manchester

There is nothing better, when it comes to eating out, than being recommended a good place to try.

Last weekend I decided to treat the both of us to see the Hallé Orchestra perform Hollywood classics at the Bridgewater Hall and I needed a good place to eat prior to the performance.

There are so many amazing places to eat in Manchester that I turned to social media and asked for suggestions and was not disappointed with the response on Facebook and Twitter.

Despite many different recommendations, All Star Lanes (thank you Dollybakes) seemed to match our requirements perfectly as it was close to our final destination and matched our Hollywood themed evening.

Despite our lack of a reservation we were early enough to avoid the rush and were seated quickly.  

Hannah noticed the Debbie Does cocktail that mixed Pink Pigeon rum from Mauritius with Maraschino, Orange Bitters, passion fruit and fruit juices with Prosecco on the side.  We spent our honeymoon in Mauritius drinking Pink Pigeon cocktails so ordering this one was a must.

I, feeling like a little kid at the bowling alley, went for a chocolate milkshake.  To hell with those who say you can't drink milkshakes after puberty...

The menu at All Star Lanes isn't massive but has more than enough choice for a burger lover like me.  I went for the Maple Bacon Cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and then used the complimentary Barbecue sauce to mix things up a bit.  I do like a bit of brioche too.

Hannah wasn't in the mood for a burger so she turned the Summer Salad started into a main and ordered Popcorn Squid to put on the side.  

Salads can sometimes be really boring but this one was anything but, with marinated veg, mozzarella, mixed leaves and a runny poached egg on top which dribbled yolk when it was cut.

The squid was well presented in a take away container and the garlic mayo accompaniment went with it a treat.

We didn't have enough time to go bowling but the layout looks incredible so I will be planning a group visit there soon.  They even have a retro sweet selection including nerds and gobstoppers!  

The Great Northern is my favourite part of Manchester and it seems to be getting livelier by the day.  All Star Lanes may not have the range of options like Almost Famous but it brings its own special something to this buzzing part of town.

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