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Sunday 19 October 2014

Debbie Halls-Evans, Pop Up Restaurant, Horwich

When it comes to food experiences we like to try new and exciting things which was certainly the case this Friday night.

At the recent Bolton Food Festival Gala Dinner, we tasted the delightful cooking of Debbie Halls-Evans who won Channel 4's 'The Taste'.  We were delighted to see that our local lass was hosting a number of 'Pop Up Restaurants' in Horwich which we could not miss out on!

Taking over the Ice Cream Parlour at the Cowshed on Winter Hey Lane, we were treated to a 3D dining experience to remember.

With only five tables, this was an interactive and intimate meal.
Debbie's bubbly personality wasn't just shown in the quality and presentation of the food but she also took the time to come out of the kitchen and explain each course to the diners.  

Each course was presented beautifully and boasted a range of subtle flavours that confidently balanced with each other.  We were royally stuffed at the end of the evening and will be returning the next time Debbie hosts an evening to remember.

Information about upcoming events can be found at Debbie's website.

It's Grim Up North Manchester restaurants


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