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Sunday 2 August 2015

The Dining Room, Abersoch

Sometimes the best places to eat are the restaurants which you stumble upon by chance.  This was the case when we ended up at The Dining Room in Abersoch.  

Deciding where to go for dinner can be a tricky decision for us, especially when we are on holiday and don't know the local eateries. We struck gold this time when Hannah found an advert for The Dining Room in a local brochure.

The restaurant is discreetly tucked away a short walk up from Abersoch harbour and you would be forgiven if you walked right past it.  Situated in a quaint little row of shops - it looks more like a small tea room than a place to go for dinner.

The tea room theme continues inside with a homely and welcoming vibe with just enough room for a dozen customers without feeling too cramped.

We shared warm bread with oil and balsamic vinegar - a classic pre-starter to dinner which seems to have gone missing from a lot of places we have eaten at this year.

Smoked salmon Sc'egg with hollandaise and asparagus
This is the best starter I have had all year and it is worth visiting The Dining Room just to try this dish.  The Sc'egg, served in a different style each month, is the restaurant's signature dish and was so bloody fantastic it deserves 3 pictures!

Asparagus, cured ham and egg
Hannah went for a similar dish which was equally as satisfying. The delicate egg was covered in a hollandaise sauce and underneath was the perfect combination of salty ham wrapped around crunchy, super fresh asparagus. 

Ribeye of Welsh beef with smashed black pepper and brandy sauce, balsamic onions and herb butter
I am a real carnivore and this was a dish designed for someone just like me.  A perfectly cooked slab of the finest Welsh beef that came with a wonderfully rich sauce and seasonal vegetables which we both shared.

Just look at it and marvel.  

Sea trout with grilled red onion and garlic, rosemary and anchovy mayonnaise
When by the sea Hannah prefers to stick to seafood.  Her sea trout was exceptional and ridiculously fresh, the mayonnaise gave it a gentle but lovely kick. 

We were far too full to attempt a pudding after our outrageously good meal which Hannah was most upset about. However, we got our sweet fix from the little bag of sweets they gave us with the bill.  

I love the little touches in this place and made me leave with a smile.

If you find yourself over in this beautiful part of the country, don't hesitate to visit The Dining Room.  It was easily one of the best meals I have had in a long while and the service was impeccable. Five stars!


  1. Here comes my favorite dish. Definitely I will go there.

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    Thank you for this recipe. I like meat, too. I did not taste grilled red onion. I must try it.

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    I like the Welsh beef. It looks great. I want to try it!

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