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Sunday 22 March 2015

The Chocolate Cafe, Ramsbottom by Hannah

Hello, my name is Hannah and I'm a chocoholic... Give me sweet stuff over savoury any day.

After having the mother of all headaches, I felt the urge to seize this beautiful day and get out and about in the countryside. Fresh air was desperately needed to blow my cobwebs away.

The entirety of Bolton is currently gridlocked due to roadworks EVERYWHERE so the hubby and I decided to venture elsewhere with nowhere in particular in mind. After having a ride out for an hour we ended up homing in on our favorite place - Ramsbottom.

We had a gander around Summerseat Garden Centre and then tengo hambre (I have hunger) happened. This is my code word to Elliott that it's time to find somewhere to eat quick before the grumpy hungry Hannah sets in.

I really fancied the Chocolate Cafe. Last time we came was about 2 years ago and we had the most awesome brekkie. The signs outside were enough to make me to take a diversion through its doors.

On the ground floor they have a lovely gift shop packed with a range of exclusive chocolate gifts, even chocolate pizzas!

If you have a chocoholic in your family then this is a great place to get unique presents, especially with Easter fast approaching.

After scouring the menu I decided to opt for an afternoon tea to get a selection of goodies that wouldn't ruin my Mum's roast later on. As you can see below, the most amazing stack of food turned up.

Starting from the bottom, our sandwiches. I went for a BLT, which was packed with bacon and yumminess. Elliott went for a tuna melt which was amazing with two types of cheese. They also came with a side salad, homemade coleslaw and crisps. The sandwiches were packed with filling. 

Moving up, fruit scones with cream and jam. I was way too full to pack these in. Unfortunately, raisins and currents are my all time hated food stuffs (closely followed by aniseed flavoured stuff and cinnamon) so I asked for a box so I could take them home for my Mum and Nanna. I know they won't have trouble polishing them off later!

Finally, we had a selection of Chocolate Cafe chocolates - champagne truffles, walnut chocolates, little penguins, and chocolate shards with bubblegum millions, popping candy and mint crystals. The bubblegum ones were my fave, reminding me of my school days going into the off licence on the walk home for a huge paper bag of millions. Deee-lish!

The reason we came was for a drink and a quick bite, and from my memory I remember the hot chocolates being the reason to come back. I ordered a luxury hot chocolate, which was to die for, made from layers of real melted chocolate and textured milk. 

It came with a  plate of chocolate delight - marshmallows, cream, grated milk and white chocolate and a couple of white chocolate sticks. Liquid heaven!

Elliott normally steers us clear of cafes as he never feels like he's had a decent meal in them. However, he's definitely been converted by this place. He loved it and I got my chocolate fix in the process. The food and drink was amazing. The service was also impeccable and I'd like to mention the young man who served us as he was a delight.

Looking at the view through the window I noticed a banner in front of the fountain advertising the annual Chocolate Festival next weekend, so if you're around go and sample the delights!

I'm gutted we won't be around for it, as we are venturing off to our fair capital city for my birthday. London town blogs to look forward to!

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  1. Pleased to hear that you enjoyed yourselves rammsbottom is a beautiful little town and the chocolate cafe is fantastic im always there mainly because my partner works in the kitchen lucky me hope you go back and visit soon

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