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Thursday 23 April 2015

Freemasons at Wiswell

The Freemasons at Wiswell spent a long time right at the top of my 'places to eat' list before I was able to find the time to visit.

It ticks all the boxes of somewhere I would love - hidden away in a small village within the Ribble Valley, serving local produce and highly recommended.

The pub has been recognised as a great food destination and was named the 'Top Pub in the UK' by The Good Food Guide.

It is classically rustic inside but also has a modern feel.  This is a country pub with a contemporary twist and that is reflected in the food.

Complimentary Bread:
Everyone loves it when the waiter brings across some free bread to get you started.  However, not everywhere does bread like they do here.  

Warm rolls, soaked with beef fat and covered in salt and rosemary.

You don't get better bread than that.  

Organic Egg:
Crispy Hen's Egg, "Gammon and Pineapple". 

Hannah is a sucker for any sort of egg based starter after she fell in love with the Hearth of the Ram's Scotch Egg.  The runny yolk of the Freemason egg had her smiling.

Kofta, BBQ Lettuce, Miso Aubergine, Mint and Yoghurt.  

I will always go for anything with BBQ on the menu and I wasn't disappointed.  Subtle flavours that hit the spot but not too sweet to overpower the flavour of the meat.

Aged Beef:
Roast Sirloin, Yorkshire Pudding, Duck Fat Potatoes, Cauliflower Cheese, Roast Beef Juices.

I think the images speak for themselves. 


The cauliflower cheese was scrumptious.  

Quite a few restaurants and people up north seem to love it with a roast, but before I moved up here I had never heard of putting it with a traditional Sunday lunch.

Perhaps it is a northern thing but whoever came up with the idea was a bloody genius. 

Fish of the Day:
Cod, Southport Potted Shrimps, Chipped Potatoes.

I rarely order seafood but after my father-in-law decided to try the cod, it triggered some serious food envy.  

Next time, I may have to go for fish instead of meat!

Cheesecake and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Neatly presented and fresh enough to cleanse my palate.  A really good way to end a fantastic meal. 

Michel Cluizel:
Dark Chocolate Mousse and Passion Fruit.

The strange name for this dessert relates to the source of the chocolate.  Based in Normandy, Michel Cluizel have been in business since 1948 and their product was put to good use in the kitchen at Freemasons.

The Ribble Valley is full of wonderful places to eat, especially if you like local produce.

The Freemasons at Wiswell matches the quality I associate with the area and is the perfect place to go if you want a drive into the countryside followed by some high quality food.

You don't end up as the best pub in the UK for nothing! 

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