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Monday 8 June 2015

The Queen's Head, Glanwydden, Conwy by Hannah

North Wales holds very happy memories for me. My Nanna and Poppa lived in Colwyn Bay and later Llandudno for more than 30 years and my childhood was full of visits to these seaside towns. With so much to do in the surrounding area, I never got the chance to explore further down the coast.

For our wedding anniversary I decided to treat the hubby to a weekend away. After hearing so much about Abersoch from my colleagues at work who visit regularly, I did what any Boltonian does when tempted by a recommended holiday...  I booked it, packed it, and f*cked off. I don't mess about!

On the way to Abersoch I wanted to stop off in Llandudno for old times sake. Since my Nanna moved back to Bolton I've not been back for about 4 years. With hunger pangs growing, Elliott came up with a blinding idea for lunch which I'd totally forgot about - The Queen's Head.

This place is pretty hard to find. It's very off the beaten track but this fabulous pub food is a must. I've been here many times and every visit is just as good as the last.

Serving traditional pub grub with a couple of alternative choices on the menu, the Queen's Head caters for everyone's tastes. The interior is cosy, clean and really hospitable.

Elliott went for a special - Connemara Mussels sauteed in garlic butter on spinach and glazed with Llanrwst smoked cheddar served with salad and French bread. 

For me (who was starving) the Monkfish and King Prawn Curry in a light mango and coconut sauce, timbale of rice, mango chutney and a poppadom. The dish also comes with a small dish of apples and sultanas, but with hating all things associated with raisin-type objects I opted out which the chef kindly obliged. The extra sprinkle of coriander completed my dish and made it a winner from the first mouthful.

The food is so fresh and tasty here. Even Elliott started digging into my curry across the table and I had to stab him with a fork to stop him, naughty husband!

The service was, as always, impeccable and we couldn't ask for more. 

It was a shame I was too full to sample the delights of the amazing cakes and tortes situated behind the front desk. Nevertheless, the curry and my fave Southern Comfort beverage was a brilliant start to our break away.

I tried to get a photo of the outside of the pub but I got caught in a sudden rain shower so the picture really doesn't do it justice.

For somewhere quite out of the way, the pub was packed with people eating which speaks volumes. I'm so glad we remembered to stop here, it truly is a hidden gem in the Welsh countryside!

More Wales blogs to follow!


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