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Tuesday 16 June 2015

Ty Coch Inn, Porthdinllaen

When someone mentions holidays in the UK I think of five hour queues on the A303 to spend a weekend in the rainy West Country.

This entrenched dislike of the British vacation hails back to childhood trips that paled in comparison to our annual summer holiday to Spain.

More recent family breaks back down to the south of England have started to repair the damage done in my youth but I can't say I was entirely enthused when Hannah told me about the trip to North Wales she had booked for us.

All my fears were swept aside however when we spent an amazing weekend exploring the fabulous beaches and eateries of the Llyn Peninsula.  And in glorious sunshine too!

One highlight of the trip was the Ty Coch Inn which is a must visit for anyone heading to the area.

Rated the third best beach bar in the world, the Ty Coch Inn is hidden away in the tiny village of Porthdinllaen.  There is no car access for non-residents so visitors have to either walk through the golf course or stroll along the beach to reach the pub.

We chose to go through the golf course to get there and then headed back via the beach.  Regardless, both ways have amazing views of the bay and were very tranquil.  

After your 20 minute walk you can reward yourself with a cool drink and some lunch either sat at their picnic tables or perched on the famous beach wall. 

I had a tuna and cheese panini and Hannah had a chicken, ham and mayo sandwich.  The lunches are generous and fresh with really quick service despite the fact that it can get very busy.

It isn't the food that makes the Ty Coch Inn a must visit destination.  It is the spectacular views, the lovely walk and the ability to have a drink on one of Britain's most serene beaches.

It is secret spots like this one that have converted me into a fan of the UK holiday.  Who knew that a Welsh vista could take the breath away?!  

How to find the Ty Coch Inn:
Getting to the Inn can be a little bit tricky so don't follow the Sat Nav as you might end up driving off a cliff!

Head to Morfa Nefyn and drive down Lon Golff towards the Nefyn and District Golf Club.

Before you get to the golf club there is a National Trust car park on the right.  This is the best spot to park but make sure you have cash to pay the £4 charge.

From the National Trust car park you can either walk up and through the golf course or down the stairs at the rear of the car park which take you down to the beach.  

Be careful at high tide as beach access is restricted.


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